elevating meeting performance

More and more meetings are happening in the workplace.
Loss of meeting information, poor meeting practices, inadequate recording and information retrieval mechanisms results in very expensive meetings.
There is evidence that focusing on group memory, learning and knowledge practices in meetings elevates meeting performance and ROI.


This process is diagnostic in nature for the purposes of assessing current meeting practices, efficiencies, ROI perceptions, outcomes and costs. 

Do the Quick Meeting Audit to check your meeting performance.  

Or contact Mandy by email or phone if you would like an onsite assessment of your meetings. 


This phase is working from the recommendations and devising and action plan that is tailored to meet specific organisational and team goals. 

The action plan in a multi-agreement with all parties that has several review gateways. Baselining current costs and resources involved in meetings sets the foundation to truely measure the return on investment. 

An action plan may commence with a pilot that takes place with one department as a proof of concept. 


This is the sustainable phase where people from within the organisation are trained to be MQ facilitators. 

This also includes train-the-trainer in order to embed the new meeting practices through your own staff in the organisation.


As teams, leaders and organisations go through implementing MQ meeting practices – I offer individual and group coaching for the purposes of reflection and learning.