About Meeting Intelligence

Meeting Intelligence = MQ, and is a result of Mandy’s career experience and PhD research into team meeting group memory, learning and knowledge building practices.

There is overwhelming evidence about the current meeting problems of; exponential cost of meetings, missed learning and knowledge building opportunities, along with the loss of intellectual capital and organisational knowledge due poor meeting practices. MQ provides high returning benefits through practical steps for you adapt to your meeting practices.

MQ is based on evidence based research and a thorough review of the literature, along with Mandy’s many years of being involved with organisations and meetings as a consultant, leader, coach and researcher.  Mandy works with both individual leaders and managers, and organisations to develop new meeting practices assisted by technology to meet the fast and ever changing demands. This approach saves organisations money and executives precious time.

MQ is a meeting framework of nine design principles each with 'how to' guidelines based on a four step programme to lead you through modernising your meetings for higher productivity and results.  Four major components address meeting practices, group memory and intellectual capital, learning opportunities and the incorporation of technologies to assist.  There are step by step guidelines that will transform your meetings to be high performance and high return on investment at all levels.  Your intellectual capital will be preserved, group memory will be active, learning will be a natural occurrence, meeting practices will be a shared responsibility and technology support will add the ultimate value.

About Mandy

My passion is workplace efficiencies especially in relation to meeting performance.

Executives spend on average 23 hours a week in meetings and many would say the return on investment is often poor. Along with this is the exponential cost of meetings to organisations. Meetings are one place where efficiencies through modern practices can make a significant difference to the organisation, meeting participants, meeting outcomes, reducing the costs and elevating meeting performance.

Based on my own vast experience of being involved with meetings and my PhD meeting research I have developed meeting efficiencies practices. These practices elevate meeting performance through focusing on knowledge practices, group memory and learning utilising new meeting facilitation techniques supported by available technologies.

I am the founder and CEO of MQ = Meeting Intelligence – a practical approach to elevating meeting performance.  My work sees me being a consultant, facilitator, workplace educator and coach.  My meeting research informs my work as a consultant, professional development coach and facilitator. Over the years I have had broad experience in meeting roles from chairperson, vice-president, secretary, project manager, executive and senior management team member.

My own experience leading meeting performance elevation, benefits realisation management, business change and modern workplace learning informs all aspects of my work. I am an experienced professional development coach, professional supervisor and facilitator. My teaching and education services provide experiential learning opportunities focused on professional and personal development. I am also specialised in teaching and supervising organisational psychology students in the Transactional Analysis modality. My Masters degree was in Learning Science and Technology and I have professional memberships in organisational psychology, coaching, professional supervision and training. I bring broad experience from corporate, government and NGO settings.